This wine is obtained through the first selection of the sole grapes which head the row. The early ripening, the richness of the aromatic and phenolic elements give to this wine extraordinary quality even for the most expert of tasters, recalling the countryside tradition, when only the best sun-kissed grapes were fermented and then ripened in small oak barrels for 6/12 months, and as a result obtaining extremely fruity scents and such a brilliant shiny colour which resembled gold.
The serving temperature varies from 12° to 18°c.
Grapes: Falanghina, Biancolella
Production area: Hills of Ravello; Monte Brusara, San Cosma
Height: 300/500 metres above sea level
Vineyards: 40/50 years of age Culture: Tall pergola Vintage: First ten days of October
Vinification: It is fermented with a brief ripening of the grape rind at a controlled temperature.
Wine conservation: Only in French oak barriques.
Analytical oenochemical characteristics: Alcohol 12,5% vol