This wine is obtained with the selection of the best grapes of Piedirosso and Aglianico vines, harvested at a ripening time where the symbiotic balance among acids, sugars and anthocyanins find their result. Their extraordinary organoleptic qualities are due to the fermentation with a long rind maceration, to the pressing, the craftsman-
ship reassembling and the long period of refinement and ageing in wood. It has a red colour with shades of violet, it has a spicy Mediterranean fragrance, a full bodied warm taste. The serving temperature may vary from 12° to 18°c when sedimented.
Grapes: Piedirosso, Aglianico
Production area: Hills of Ravello; Monte Brusara, San Cosma Height: 300/500 metres above sea level Vineyards: 40/50 years of age
Culture: Tall pergola Vintage: First ten days of October Vinification: It is fermented with a long ripening of the grape rind at a controlled temperature, delestage, pressing and variable reassembling. Wine conservation: Only in French oak barriques. Analytical oenochemical characteristics: Alcohol 13,5% vol